Elaine Brattain, MS

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (114311)

Registered Professional Clinical Counselor (6615)

Under licensed clinical supervision

MS, ​Counseling Psychology, California State University, Fullerton

Although what you are experiencing may feel beyond your ability to cope, you are not alone. Most individuals find comfort knowing that others have been where they are and survived. Many issues clients face are in response to some type of loss. Surprisingly, loss takes many forms: loss of self or personal identity, loss of faculties or mobility, the physical loss of a loved one, relationship loss, the lost dream of a perfect marriage or family relationship, or career loss, to name a few. These losses are often sudden, unexpected, or traumatic experiences that can interrupt your life, derail your goals, affect your relationships, and undermine the flow of life transitions.

My approach is informed by life experience as a woman, mother, stepparent, grandparent, entrepreneur, military and first responder family member. I have loved, lost, grieved, and felt depressed; many of the experiences that may have you feeling overwhelmed. I offer a safe place to find your strengths, explore negative thoughts, and heal from past experiences.

I use empathy and gentle humor to help you restore balance, make meaning out of the meaningless, find joy after sorrow, and replace chaos with a sense of hope and peace. Are you ready to move forward? Let’s talk about how we might work together to help you identify and achieve more of the life you want to live.

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