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Groups and Training

A monthly consultation group is available for EMDR by Herminia Shea-Martinez, PhD, a EMDRIA and HAP approved consultant. This group is generally for 2 hours in the morning on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Please contact us for more information at 714.332.1200 or info@theopendoorcenter.org or visit Dr. Shea-Martinez's website: https://www.drsheamartinez.com/


In addition, Open Door Center provides training, education and retreats on a variety of topics for civic and religious groups.  Previous offerings include Conflict Resolution for Couples and Families, Loving with Abandon: Growing Together in God's Love (Couples Retreat), Hope in Suffering: The Spirituality of Life and Loss. Topics include parenting, transitions, depression and anxiety and other clinical issues, addiction and recovery, communication, spirituality, and professional training for therapists, including the business of being a therapist.

Open Door also provides groups that help in the healing process for various issues, such as trauma. Currently, groups are being formed. If you are interested in finding a particular group or have a need, please contact us at info@theopendoorcenter.org or 714.332.1200.  

Individual Counseling

From mental illness to life challenges, we are dedicated to working with you to improve and enhance your emotional well-being. Utilizing a diverse array of counseling techniques, our highly qualified, caring professionals provide confidential counseling services to assist with a wide variety of personal and interpersonal issues, including: 

Anxiety/Panic Attacks 

These mental health problems are characterized by excessive, exaggerated anxiety that is unrealistic or disruptive.

Bipolar Disorder 
Bipolar disorder, previously known as manic-depressive disorder, can cause unusual shifts in mood and ability to function.

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders and can affect the lives of both children and adults. Depression affects the body, mood and thoughts.

Divorce Adjustment 
Divorce can be devastating for children of any age. Young children, grown adults or even the children of elderly parents may need some help as they work through these situations. Divorcees may also benefit from help adjusting to life after divorce.

Grief & Loss 
Losing a loved one or someone close to you hurts. We can help you overcome the sadness and pain that you may experience when someone close to you has died.

Marital & Relationship Difficulties 
If you and your spouse or partner have hit a rough patch, our team can help you overcome your differences, learn better communication skills and practice problem-solving techniques that can help all parties lead more fulfilling lives.

Parenting Skills 
We offer parent support groups to provide information, instill new attitudes and change communication patterns as families address specific types of child behavior such as developmental disabilities, behavioral disorders and child conduct.

Personal & Family Crisis
Crisis is known as an acute emotional response that arises when a person’s usual coping strategies are insufficient. We can help you manage crisis and learn new ways to solve problems during times of trouble.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, can rear its head in many different ways. PTSD usually stems from a terrible, life-altering experience, and it can be triggered by dreams, memories and the feelings of being haunted by the experience.

Sexual/Physical Abuse
Physical and sexual abuse can occur at any time during the life span and is often perpetrated by friends or family members. Regardless of your situation, abuse can cause lifelong emotional pain and hardship. Our supportive counselors can listen to your story and help you find ways to overcome what happened as you regain control of your life.

Interpersonal Violence/Domestic Violence
Relational abuse occurs in many relationships and can take many forms, from verbal putdowns to life-threatening injury. 

​This is only a representative list.  If you are looking for help with something not listed, please contact one of our therapists or the program director, Christine Monroe, LMFT at cmonroe@theopendoorcenter.org or leave a message for her at 714.332.1200 to discuss you particular situation. 

Relational Counseling

Relational counseling includes family, couples/marital and pre-marital therapy.


  • Couples and marital therapy helps couples manage and overcome many of the problems that cause distress in the relationship. These problems include communication difficulties, fighting, unresolved anger, and distancing in the relationship. 

  • Family therapy looks at the dynamics of the family and the role each person has in the family, allowing for more dialog and understanding of what is suporting the problem. It entails helping families understand their relationships, improve communication among each other, and support for what creates a healthier family dynamic.

  • Pre-marital therapy provides a space for couples looking toward a marriage commitment to understand their relationship better, understand what is most important to each person in the relationship, and discussing things before they become issues.

Please contact one of our therapists or the program director, Christine Monroe, LMFT at cmonroe@theopendoorcenter.org or leave a message for her at 714.332.1200 to discuss you particular situation. 

Trauma-Focused Counseling and EMDR

It is difficult to have our past experiences impact our present relationships, work and enjoyment of life.  EMDR is an effective treatment to help process old messages and memories that make us 'stuck'.  These old issues need to be reprocessed and brought into the present with a new understanding.  We all have negative messages that we carry with us - "I'm not smart" or "I don't deserve" or "I'm bad" (and many other messages). EMDR can help understand where these early messages come from and help to resolve them, allowing more positive and realistic messages to at the forefront (for example, "I am smart" or "I do deserve" or "I am good").

​Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an integrative psychotherapy that incorporates elements from many different treatment approaches.  EMDR is a set of standardized that is extensively researched and has helped millions of people of all ages relieve many types of psychological stress.


Please contact one of our therapists or the program director, Christine Monroe, LMFT at cmonroe@theopendoorcenter.org or leave a message for her at 714.332.1200 to discuss you particular situation. Therapists trained in EMDR include: Christine Monroe, LMFT; Janny Condie, LMFT; Lori Downing, LMFT; Tom Choe, AMFT; Amanda Pham, AMFT; Priscilla Abji, ASW; Nooshin Saraeipour, AMFT; and Summer Dowd-Lukesh, AMFT.

Consultation and Clinical Supervision
Don’t wait for someone to take you under their wing.
Find a good wing and climb underneath it.  Frank Bucaro

Becoming a therapist is like navigating a road.  It is a journey which can be both exciting and confusing. It is important to work with a supervisor who can help you develop your own roadmap for the journey.  


Supervision plays a critical role in the development, support and guidance of new clinicians. In this field, each day can bring new challenges, new insight and new perspective. Our goal at Open Door Center is to help professionals transition into becoming

confident, competent, skilled and successful therapists. 


Open Door Center provides clinical supervision for pre-licensed therapists (Associate MFT, Associate PCC and ASW) on-site at the Santa Ana office. Our supervisors are CAMFT-certified, and offer: 

  • a safe space where difficult clinical and ethical issues can be discussed and processed;

  • an environment where reflection can take place, both on the client work and one's own personal performance;

  • support and advice when personal issues have surfaced during work with clients; and

  • help on the challenges faced as well as celebrate the successes.

In addition, Open Door Center provides EMDR consultation for gaining EMDRIA certification. To join our current consultation group and/or inquire about individual consultation, visit the website of Herminia Shea-Martinez, PhD: www.drsheamartinez.com.

Ready to Begin?

You have already taken the 1st step!  There are only a few more to go:


Step 2:  

Determine the type of counseling you want.  We offer:

  • Individual counseling for adults, teens and children

  • Relational (couples) counseling, including pre-marital

  • Family counseling

  • EMDR and trauma-focused counseling

  • Sandplay, art therapy and play therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Other - depending on your need

Is there one that makes more sense to you for what you need? If you're not sure, don't worry. One of our therapists will help you figure out what is best for you.


Step 3:

Look at the "Our Therapists" page and read each therapists brief biographical information. Do you resonate with someone? Does one have a specialty that you believe would be helpful?


If you need help in deciding, contact Christine Monroe, LMFT at 714.332.1200 or cmonroe@theopendoorcenter.org and she will match you with a therapist depending on your needs.

Step 4:

You're in the home stretch...call one of the therapists. If you get their voicemail, it means they are probably in session. Leave a message and he or she will call you back to discuss what you need to begin this journey.

The therapist will talk with you briefly over the phone, and if he or she believes they are the right fit and can help, he or she will set up an appointment with you and establish the session fee. Depending on your conversation, the therapist may provide a different referral. We want to ensure you receive the care you deserve, with the right type of treatment and that is is financially sustainable for you.


Okay, so there's one more step...coming to the session.

Please show up 20 minutes early to your first appointment. If the therapist emailed you forms to complete, please bring those with you.  Otherwise, the therapist will leave forms for you to fill out in the waiting area.

Hopefully your therapist answered all your questions during the phone interview. If not, bring a list of these questions with you and your therapist will take time to answer them.

For directions to the office, click here.

Need more information or help,

please contact us at 714.332.1200 

or email at info@theopendoorcenter.org.  

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